Sunday, January 3, 2021

Sunday Resets

 Hey everyone!

So it's here the first Sunday of 2021! 

I have been working on new youtube content and a new uploading schedule and one thing I know you guys enjoyed was my Sunday reset so I'm going to try my best to post every Sunday and show you all how I am getting ready for the upcoming week and starting it fresh and where it's 2021 what's better than a fresh year besides a fresh weekly start! 

For those of you who haven't done so already make sure you head over to my Instagram and youtube pages and make sure you follow and subscribe for more up-to-date info and see what's going on behind the scenes. 

So to start off this week I have had to put off taking my oldest daughter to her dads due to the weather but tomorrow is Monday and we are going to do the 6-hour trip to take her home so I have a lot I need to get done tonight so that we are ready to do that and not have to worry about cooking or anything and where I start back to online classes Tuesday I really want to get everything organized and ready to go! so stay tuned to see how I'm getting that all done and leave me a comment down below letting me know how you all get ready for the new week! do you meal prep, have everything laid out or just go with the flow?

Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas 2020

 Hey everyone, 

I hope you have all had a great day and a wonderful Christmas this year.

I know this year covid has given us all a curveball and some of us are not able to be with family and loved ones but I hope you all found a way to be together in the end rather it be threw a phone call or face time! I know for me being away from my children today was very hard for me but being able to face time with one of them made it a bit easier for me to still see his silly smile. 

Tomorrow is more my Christmas day than today as the kids are going to be home tomorrow and we will be opening up everything as we should have done today but all that matters is getting my babies home. So regardless of how you're spending your Christmas, I hope you took the time to enjoy it!

Now if you watched my youtube video " Christmas eve clean with me," you would know that I recently re-did my son's room and that they were staying with there dads because hey lost their grandmother just days before Christmas and I felt it was important for them to be with their other siblings so this year although on paper was my year I decided to bend the rules and let them be with them to help them try and enjoy this years Christmas as covid has taken a lot from them.

Now that my Christmas dinner is finished and turkey coma has passed its time for me to stop procrastinating and go get this house cleaned back up and ready for my munchkins for tomorrow so again I hope you all had a wonderful day and hopefully it continues into tonight! 

Merry Christmas from my family to yours :)

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Forgot the meaning of Christmas

 Hey everyone, 

Happy Christmas Eve !!! It's hard to believe that 2020 is just about over and Christmas is literally at our door! with the big guy coming to the kids tonight and families are gathering and sharing baked goods, there are others who are struggling that lots of us forget about and then there are those who have forgotten about what Christmas is about. 

It's crazy as we grow up from kids who can't wait for Santa to come we start to regret the day Christmas comes even though it may have been one of the best holidays growing up but now you have people who expect gifts and some of those people won't accept cheap gifts or anything handmade, it has become a very greedy holiday for some and for those of us who are sitting on the other end are just shaking our heads!

Christmas should be a happy time to be with family even though this year with covid some of us are missing those from our home and well for my family we have had an unfortunate passing so things are not as happy as they usually are but we are doing our best to keep our traditions going, with covid this year there are also people out there who are wondering how they are going to pull it all together for their family and children and so having that one person who is expecting the absolute best is more of a stressor then it is a celebration! 

this year more then ever people need to remember what Christmas is all about and stop worrying about the amount of money we spend and how many gifts we give, make handmade cards or gifts, bake a loaf of bread or cookies or anything, go visit a family member ( in places you can) or facetime!! let people know you are thinking of them and make them feel special it's not about the cost behind it but the thought that counts right! 

And I'm not getting into the whole religion part of Christmas because I know some people don't believe in it and others do but whatever your background, thoughts, just make sure that you are doing what's best for you and your family and if someone has forgotten the meaning then maybe it's best they have a wake-up call.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Covid update: schools, Christmas, etc!

 Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog!

for those of you who have been keeping an eye out for my posts, I want to say a big Thank you for all your support!

So as I mentioned about a week ago, I have been swamped and extremely busy between my own school work and keeping up with my kids and the household things that need to be done every day, I have had very little time to actually sit down and talk to you guys about anything. I know that I have a few things planned that have to be filmed and those will hopefully be coming soon and I think some of them may actually help some of you with Christmas and dealing with this new normal thanks to covid.

So to start off today I want to let you know that at this time we're in it's ok to feel overwhelmed and scattered because things in life keep changing and everything is very unpredictable. I know some of you have decided to home school your children, some have tried to send them back, and some are saying that can skip a year and catch up later... no matter what you chose I want you to know that you are amazing just for the fact that you made that hard call not knowing what was going to happen next. Now I know some of you are in places where the second wave has already hit and for myself and my area we are just starting to climb and as of this morning we have 44 cases, which compared to some may not seem like a lot but for the small area, we live in we are considering closing things down again.

Now I have to say this one thing... I'm so beyond proud of my children and well most children, to be honest about how they are reacting to all the change. I know that they don't fully understand what we are all going crazy over a virus and my kids call it the flu which in that case they are still correct it is a virus but they don't understand fully why this one is more to panic over than others, so I'm happy to say that my children have not had much change in their life, other than having to wear a mask on the bus, and social distance themselves, nothing changed in regards to shopping with them because they always stayed home when we went shopping, and they still have their playdates as the family that lives up the road was our first family we let into our bubble for the purpose of the kids still being socially active.

 Now on the topic of social interaction, I myself have also gone back to school for nursing and although most of my classes are online my labs are in class which means I actually get out of the house to see people in person. now when it comes to class we have been split into two groups because we are only allowed a small group of people in the labs due to covid restrictions and we have to keep our masks on which is kind of annoying but going into nursing its something I will need to get used to. The only downfall of wearing a mask all day long is that my skin is breaking out like crazy so I will be doing a review on a product that my friend sells ill make sure I leave a link when I do the review but until then keep an eye out for my skincare routine covid edition!

Ok, so the next and last thing I want to talk about for today is...Christmas 2020...covid style! So I know that a lot of places are not letting you shop inside the store for things that are non-essential and where I'm living at we can still order these non-essentials online and for curbside pick up now the only downfall about this is the timeline and the available appointments can be fair apart and with Christmas coming up this is going to cause an issue, but for those who have thought about or have used amazon we have a lead on the Christmas issues, I personally myself have been lucky enough to have my income not affected by covid and we were able to order most things off amazon for Christmas and the only thing we have left to get is our tree because my hubby wants a real tree this year, so if you are looking for a way to get some Christmas gifts I would highly recommend shopping off amazon as they are pretty organized and I normally get my items either on time or early which is always great! 

So with that said I'm going to end today's blog there but keep an eye out for my covid skincare and blog uploads, as well as some youtube videos being uploaded soon! Stay safe everyone!

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Where Have I Been? Life Update

 Hey everyone, 

Welcome back to my blog! for those of you who have been checking back thank you so much for not giving up on me! 

I want to start off by saying the last 2 weeks in my life have been crazy busy but I'm still here! I have just been really busy with school work and trying to juggle with covid restrictions and keeping the family where they need to be and maintaining the house lol so please keep that in mind!

I will be giving you guys all a big update and a few posts here soon so just bare with me and keep an eye out! 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Getting Nervous!

 Hey everyone, Welcome back to my blog! for those of you who are new welcome and thanks or joining us!

So today's post as you can tell is about what has been going on the last week here in our household and to be honest with Halloween coming up, covid numbers rising in the next province over and with myself going back to school for my nursing course next week lets just say my nerves are non-existant right now! I am SOO nervous about everything happening in the next few weeks and well with 2020 going the way it has it has really made these things seem like tasks that are not well thought out but I am sticking with what I'm planning and hoping for the best. 

So if my blog, website, Instagram or youtube seem to be a little far and in between the last few days, this is why! So with that being said, What do you all do when you feel like you no longer can handle what the world is throwing your way? let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Halloween Is coming!

 Hey everyone welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today I wanted to talk about something that has been very much up in the air the last few weeks and that is Halloween! 

For those of you who do not have kids you may be wondering if you should set something up for this year or if you are going to be taking part of it this year at all, now for those of us with kids we have a bigger question as to if we will be doing Halloween this year. 

Now here in my area we only have 4 cases for all of nova scotia so its pretty safe here and so with that being said we will be letting our children take part of the festivities this year as long as they follow the proper safety rules. Now I know in some places it is a hit or miss as some places are very much quarantined and with that if you have children I personally would recommend still decorating the house and getting the children costumes but maybe stick to just family (who are not at risk) just to give the kids something to look forward to where as this year has well kind of sucked! 

So this year in my house we may be doing things a little different where as it is on a weekend and my girls would like to do it together this year so I have agreed to let my youngest daughter go with her father and sister this year but it kind of sucks as I had gotten a costume this year to match hers but if going with her sister makes her happy then thats what we are doing but on the other hand my son will still be home so we are trying to decided if we are going to take him to his dads and let us figure out what we are doing this year if we do not take the children out or if he is going to stay home and we will take him out. (his dad is 6 hours away and has a baby on the way so Halloween may be a small thing for them this year)

so with that being said while we try and figure things out I have decided now that thanksgiving is over for us here in Canada, I am going to start getting the house ready for Halloween and get the kids into the October feeling. With that said I plan on doing a video for YouTube as a " Decorate with me" so be on the look out if your subscribed and for those of you who have not yet done so make sure you go check out my YouTube channel as I would love to have you join in as part of my YouTube

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