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Halloween Is coming!

 Hey everyone welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today I wanted to talk about something that has been very much up in the air the last few weeks and that is Halloween!  For those of you who do not have kids you may be wondering if you should set something up for this year or if you are going to be taking part of it this year at all, now for those of us with kids we have a bigger question as to if we will be doing Halloween this year.  Now here in my area we only have 4 cases for all of nova scotia so its pretty safe here and so with that being said we will be letting our children take part of the festivities this year as long as they follow the proper safety rules. Now I know in some places it is a hit or miss as some places are very much quarantined and with that if you have children I personally would recommend still decorating the house and getting the children costumes but maybe stick to just family (who are not at risk) just to give the kids something to look forward to where as

A Quiet Thanksgiving!

 Hey everyone,  Thanks for tuning into my blog post today. So today is a little different where as here in Nova Scotia we are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. But this weekend is also the first weekend in a year that I have had no children in my house as this year they all went to their fathers houses. Its very odd having no noise in the house and if you watch my next YouTube video you will notice when im prepping for your meal that I used a big pot as im just so used to feeding more then just hubby and myself. So with that being said, to all of you parents who have to co-parent and split up holidays, how do you deal with the quiet?  I usually always have at least one child home with me but this time around we decided to give it a try and let her stay for the weekend with her father (IT WAS WELL NEEDED) and now I just dont know what to do with myself! I have taken 2 days out of my weekend to clean up the house and meal prep and now there's nothing left to do.... I guess its t

It Took One Year!

 Hey everyone welcome back to my blog, for those of you who are new, Welcome! Make sure to check out my Instagram and YouTube if you have not already done so. On to todays post! So its been a few days since my last post and I know things have been crazy here in my home with our fall clean up going threw and myself being sick and trying not to get my family sick things have been like a mad house the last few days but Im glad to say I finally got some work done around the house and its finally starting to feel like a home. Now I know some of you are going to ask why I chose to start settling where we are currently at even though I want to buy another house. And the answer is this... Next month I will be going into my nursing program and I dont want to over due myself looking into everything that comes with buying a house right now, All the extra things that are needed like having an inspector come out and lawyer appointments and all of that fun stuff so we have decided to stay where we a

Been A Busy Few Days

 Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog. For those of you who are just tuning in, Welcome to my blog glad you could join us. So for today I thought I would give you kind of an update on what had been going on this week. I know I have posted 3 videos on YouTube and I have filmed a few more that are currently being updated and edited so stay tuned and watch for those. I know one of them is my Halloween haul for this year and one was requested as a shop with me so that one is in the middle of being edited so keep an eye out for that. Soo, like I had mentioned this week has been a very busy, very hard week where as I have been really sick the last month and this week things just seemed to get worse so I went to the emergency department and they did my 3rd swab for covid and was again negative so they decided this time instead of puffers and steroids they were going to finally give me antibiotics so hopefully I will start to feel better soon. So on top of being sick and getting everything on

Starting Fresh For October!

 Hey everyone, Welcome back to my blog. For those of you who are new, Hello and Welcome! So As today marks the first day of October, I have decided to give 2020 a break and start fresh!.... Any one with me?  I know this whole year has been absolutely crazy but it is finally most favorite season and I just cant let 2020 wreck my whole year completely! I know there is still a pandemic going on in some places and I for one am lucky to live in a place where we have not really been hit hard by this yet ( Yes, I do believe we will get hit with a second wave) but who knows when that will be.  So with that being said, I have bought 4 things.... I got a journal for my food tracking because well I need that if in going to seriously watch what I  eat for the nutritionist to tell me where I'm wrong, 2nd I got a manifestation journal...yes I believe in the law of attraction (If you do not that's perfectly ok!) 3rd I got a notebook for my affirmations....and gratitude journal...(


 Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! So today is a little better then the last few days but I'm still far from better! For those who do not follow me on YouTube, the last few feels I have been fighting with a chest infection ( yes I was tested and do not worry it was is not covid!) anyway I slowly started to get better and then out of no where my kids got sick after me trying so hard to keep it out of the house. Now the kids were only sick for a day and a half and was nothing crazy just some stuffy noses so then about 3 days ago i noticed my nose was stuffy again and my throat was getting sore! I did everything I could to try and boost my immune system where as I had just gone threw so much illness the last few weeks.   However this did not work and yesterday I had completely lost my voice! It was so hard to parent two small children who are very on the go and lever look at you! so I had to call in for back up and thank goodness my hubby was home to help. it was a l

Missing Footage! And Starting A Vlog Series?

 Hello everyone, welcome back for another one of my blog posts, for those of you who are new, Welcome and thank you for joining :)  So for todays post Can  just start off by saying that Im glad fall is finally here but um.... why is it soo cold! like usually its just perfect its warm but a little breeze but it is now noon time where Im at and im frozen!! well it may just be because Im coming down with a cold but still why is my house so cold?    Anyway in to todays post.  I noticed as I was editing my Sundays get it all done series that I somehow lost the other half of my cleaning.... like How does this even happen! I was so upset because I really wanted to have everything done and ready as I record a week early so that I have time to edit and make changes etc as needed but today I noticed half my footage as gone, so Im supper bummed out about that but as any actor will tell you ...the show must go on lol so I uploaded it for show tomorrow but im still not very happy about it so im hop