Monday, July 27, 2020

More To Come

Hey everyone, 
I hope you are all staying safe and had a great weekend. 
I know the last week or so I have been off and on with  my posts and well I just feel like I am being pulled a thousand different ways. With the kids starting school in a little over a month, myself switching jobs in the mean time, and getting ready for my nursing course things have gotten a little more crazy here in my house hold. 

Summer is almost over and the fall decorations are coming out in stores, everywhere is showing back to school and what to expect for this coming year with the current pandemic. I even tried doing a video for a YouTube thing but I was only able to film half my day so with a half finished video I am not sure what to do with it anymore. So with that being said, this weekend we ended up getting my son early from his dads and it took a bad turn when on his way home we ended up having to go to the emergency room, now this was Friday and my filming day for the YouTube project was the next day so everything I had in my mind that was planned for that video suddenly went right out the window as did my moms anniversary party. We were all so scared because he had a high fever and wasn't looking so good, but in the end turned out it was just an ear infection and not the one thing everything was waiting to hear.  

So with all that being said my filming took a wild turn and was only half done all week, and what I'm left with now is just bits and pieces, so what I will do with them who knows, but I do know that this week will be different and I do have some things planned and where I am working out of the home 2 days this week I may do a morning working mom routine.
Let me know in the comments below what you thing about seeing that video and the maybe mixed cleaning videos. 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Back To School Plan?

Hey everyone, 
I know I have kind of fell off with my posting again but there has been a lot going on, 
I wanted to make a post as you can tell by the title on the new plan to return to school for students. 

Now I'm not sure what's going on everywhere else but here in Nova Scotia we have been updated as of yesterday that our schools will be opening on September 8th  and there are a lot of new rules that go hand in hand with this and of course depending on the covid changes they do have back up "home schooling set in place as well." I wanted to talk about these changes as I know they are needed because for a lot of house holds we really do need them to go to school to get the best education they can possibly get because a lot of people just don't know what's going on or how to make their kids listen and apply themselves because well lets face it, they don't want to listen to us teach them math, science etc they just want us to do the work for them.

Then there are family's like mine, where well we need to work to pay for the things our family needs such as rent, power, internet ( as hubby works from home and needs this ) and of course food and medications. Yes my hubby works from home but he still has a set time he needs to be on the phones and with that being said he cant teach and work... then some will say well you can teach them... but I can not... I myself am going back to school this year for nursing as it is something we really do need more of as people are going into hospitals and etc for medical reasons that seem to be sky rocketing since covid happened. nursing homes are short staffed, hospitals have always been short staffed as it was and now with times the way they are its 100x worse.  Now some will think well if your going back to school you will be home schooled to... and yes I am taking a course that is 50/50 as a lot of things I need to know are hand for example.... CPR, and other life saving techniques needed to know , labs and placements also can not be done online as you need to be in the workplace, so yes I can do some stuff with them but I still need to be able to do my things as well and dropping out is just not an option. 

So with all that being said I'm semi happy that they are going back because it allows us to do what we need to in order to provide and do what's best for our family, but I am still concerned about them wearing masks on the buss and in hallways, as i know my kids complain and will most likely not follow these rules as 2 out of 3 are to young to understand why they need them.
I am also worried about the class room and how its going to work as they are going to want to play with friends, and hug each other and well lets face it if your kids are like my kids... they like hugs and touching everything! so I'm really scared going into this but as this seems to be the new normal I think the better we adjust ourselves the quicker we can get back to what is normal... or well as normal as it will be.  And of course in the end we will do what is best, if it comes down to they need to be home, we will change up our routine to best help them but I'm happy they are trying to get things in place and I hope things work out for the best but with a second wave just starting its hard to see if this plan will even get to take place, and if it does how long it will be good for before they need to change it again.

so for all you parents out there who are scared and worried about sending them back...just know that you are not alone in this, we are all in this together! 

Friday, July 17, 2020

Paleo Based Day One!

Hey everyone! welcome back for another one of my blog posts.

So as you can tell by todays title, I wanted to update you all on my current diet and how I'm feeling so far as it has shocked me extremely!

So last week I had made the choice to go paleo based so I am not doing a full paleo diet but it is paleo based, as well as doing so I am also taking out gluten and dairy where as I have a sensitive stomach and I really need to keep these things out of my diet. SO today was pay day and I decided I was going to go for it and get my groceries or the next 2 weeks on a paleo based diet. This morning I was a little cranky and ended up getting up earlier then I needed to but hey at least I was awake!

I ended up not really eating breakfast although I did have 1 hard boiled egg as it was already pre-made in the fridge and well what can I say, I felt like eating it! so around lunch time I was really not that hungry but I did have a big craving for my gluten free chips and so with that being said I had a snack instead of lunch. Without the gluten and dairy and all the running around today in town and then coming home and fixing up my little gardens which if you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen, I was still going with energy and usually by dinner time I am ready to go back to bed so all in all I was surprised for not eating much I had so much energy.

So jump ahead a little bit to about 5-6:00 pm and its time for dinner! I have waited for two whole days to try this bruschetta chicken thing and use Pico and it really was amazing but after wards I was still very hungry which was weird considering I ate a piece of chicken, some couscous ( yes I realized after I made it) but hey it was already made and not about to waste it, and some corn that was a lot of food. so about 30 mins later I decided I would have an orange, and well that didn't work, and about 5 lactose free cheese strings later I was still extremely hungry!

So at about 8:30 pm I grabbed my Pico and some rice chips and had about a handful because I didn't want to use all my Pico in one night....and here I am at 9pm eating an annies microwave mac and cheese!!!.....WHY AM I SO HUNGRY! So I decided I would do some more research and see if anyone else has had this happen to them when switching their diets up. 

Mind you I did over 3000 steps today and that is a lot for a regular day, and i did some heavy lifting as results were....ALL OVER THE PLACE! from people saying ill feel this way for a few days because the gluten was a big part of my diet to go see a doctor because you shouldn't be hungry to count your calories and make sure getting enough as well as count your macros there might be something missing. so day 1 is down and after 2 hours I'm in bed eating mixed trail mix.....hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Monday, July 13, 2020

To Early For Back To School?

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog!

Todays post as you can tell by the title is about .....Back To School!
Now I know some of you cant wait to get back into the swing of things and try to get back to a some what normal life (what ever that is!) and others are simply saying that its to soon to ever think about it because its only July and that's with out throwing the current covid issues on top!

As everyone is aware of what's going on around the world and the new rules and regulations this school year will be very different from most, and on top of that is it only July and not many places have yet put a plan into action so most people are avoiding this topic as long as they can! I on the other hand can not wait to get back into the new swing of things and being prepaid early on may help me adapt to the changes needed. Now I myself am going back this year to do my nursing so not only do I need to make sure my kids have everything they need, but I also need to make sure I have everything that is needed. 

Now most courses at the school I'm going to are starting back up in September but my course is being delayed until November ( They say its for our own health safety....) But there are things that I know I am going to need regardless... like for example I know I'm going to need my text books, and my laptop, I am going to need notebooks and pens... and well the same with my kids, I know they will need sneakers (indoor and out) and they will need backpacks and lunch bags... so why wait until they decide to post opening dates when you know these are things they will need? I may have to put things up so the kids don't get into them but is it really to early to start getting ready? 
What are your thoughts on the whole thing? are you ready to get things started now? or are you waiting to see what's going on before you get things?

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Life Is Crazy!

Hey everyone, 

I know its been a very hot minute since my last post and a lot has changed in the last 3 months.
I know things have been crazy all over the world with everything that has been going on but I hope you have all been staying safe and well, I also want to point out for those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook that I did, and still do stand behind the need end racism so for those of you who used their voices to help thank you! Also to all those who work as essential workers, big shout out to you for braving the front lines!

So its been almost a month since I myself have gone back to work and the kids have been home and to sitters and we have been getting in routine with what's known as "the new normal" as COVID will be around for a while and since where I am from we have just hit our first 6 cases in the second wave.
with that being said I just want you all to know that I feel your pain with trying to adjust things and having to get used to a new way to do things. 

Just wanted to give you all a little update and let you know we are still here and holding on, and hoping to drop some fresh content here in the next couple of days so keep an eye out for that.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Post Op. Update

Hey everyone, I know that last weeks post I had said I was going to try and make a post op clean with me, we started to do a video and after helping my daughter do her room I was really tired so that's all I got done that day, my boyfriend and the kids have been really helpful when it comes to cleaning and with that said I am in the middle of editing a video of a speed clean video, I will put the 1 room speed clean tagged onto the end and will make sure to let you know where it starts but keep an eye out for that.
So to give you a quick update I am now 2 weeks and 3 days post op, and I'm still a little sore but I'm up and doing almost everything I did on a regular basis now, yesterday I tired driving, but because of the nerve damage in my lower half keeping the speed limit is hard so I will give it about another week and then try again, I'm still not able to lift anything major heavy but I was able to lift the kids laundry basket (yes I know I should still not be doing that) but I am getting back into my old self so here's to hoping the next 4 weeks go by quickly :)

Now as for operation experience, It was rough, I ended up getting a minor wound infection because where I'm still partly numb I don't get the urge to go pee and sometimes if your a mom you will understand what I'm about to say, you get carried away and don't realize that its been 4 hours and you haven't been to the bath room because you have been busy being the rock of the house, and that's sort of what happened I don't get the urge and then a few hours will go by before I realize I haven't been using the bathroom, so my outside incision is great but inside wound had minor infection.
As far as depression, I have already had this issue and yes I find my moods are very back and forth right now but I have a great support system to help me when I need it and I cant thank them enough, and as far as pain meds go I have just currently gone 2 days with no meds its still gets a little sore and I get tired out quickly but instead of taking my t1 I just lay on the couch and lightly massage the area and it quickly starts to feel better.

I do have to say that I do still get frustrated because I cant bend over so anything that is on the floor really hurts me to grab so I try to avoid that still, and my weight has gone up and down the last 2 weeks and it is a little disappointing but once I have the ok from my dr to go back to the gym I will be doing so in the mornings after taking the kids to school.

With all that being said I just want to say thank you to everyone that has been there and following me on my journey, and to keep an eye out on YouTube for my posts :) and don't forget if you haven't already its 100% free to subscribe to both my blog and my YouTube channel :) and thanks again for all your support :) hope you have a good day :)

Saturday, March 30, 2019

1 Week Post Surgery!

Hey everyone,
I hope you have all had a good couple of weeks and I hope that your weekend is going great.
I know the last post I had let you all know that I was getting ready for my surgery and that there was a lot to get ready due to the week of my surgery was the kids march break, or as some people know it as spring break,
Its been a rough week this last week healing from surgery has been hard, its not what I was expecting at all,
As most of you know I have been having a lot of medical issues and had gone in for a hysterectomy, I was told it would be a full one but as it turned out and I was not told any different until 48 hours after the fact when I started asking about why I was not getting hormones,... they did not have to take my ovaries! which all in all I was happy about because only being 27 I was not ready for menopause just yet,
so 48 hours after my surgery I was sent home and the pain really hit after I was home, and before anyone asks no I did not do anything I was not suppose to I really just laid in bed, My incision has been healing well but the pain in everything has actually gotten worse instead of better and I had an appointment with my dr yesterday and he said everything is going just fine and that my pain will die down and it may be tmi but It has been 8 days since I have had a bowel movement and so I have been put on another medication so hopefully that will help.
I also started doing some cleaning videos with the family as they wanted to help as they know its driving me nuts and my ocd is going threw the roof so make sure you keep an eye out on my YouTube channel for new videos and updates :)

Software Failure

 Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great week so far! So as you can tell by the title of today's blog and as you can probably ...