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Hey everyone, 
I hope this page finds you in a happy place :) 
I made this page to share everything from parenting tips to family tips to really every day life. If there is anything you would like to see that is not here, just leave it in the comments below or send me an email :) I would be happy to post for you :) 

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October 7th: How do you get your children to respect your spouse?

Ok everyone today I have a serious question...are you ready for it?
As many of you know my hubby is not the father of my children but treats them like his own regardless of how they act. Now like any child they push buttons...BOY do they push buttons, but there is a time where those buttons are pushed to much and the attitude becomes disrespectful! I have tried everything I can think of to help them learn how to respect him but some days its like my rules are non existent....How do you get your children to listen and respect your spouse? Stay tuned to find out what we do that seems to be working!

October 1st:

Ok so today marks the first day of October. Now for some of us this means summer is finally over and we can decorate for fall... but for those of us with children or those of us who enjoy doing up d├ęcor for Halloween, our month is going to be super busy! Now I know some places are not allowing children to have Halloween this year due to covid but for those who are thinking about doing so because its still a thing going on in your town just think, do you send your children to school? do you get your children take out? if you said yes to either of those then yes go ahead and let them have some fun but keep them in mind of social distancing and everything that goes along with it. I know a lot of people are worried about Halloween this year and if you fall into that category but still want your child(children) to be able to take part then take them to places you know, go visit relatives and close friends who you can trust, they get to get dressed and get treats and see family so its a win win.... for those of you who are skipping Halloween this year, I understand you made this choice as the best for your personal situation so hard feeling. but for the rest of you lets get ready for our crazy month of madness and get things a little spooky for 2020!

September 25th:

Ok so today we went grocery shopping and before I did , I did something I learned from another youtuber and that is called Shopping What You Have. 
For those of you who dont know what im talking about what you do is pretty much make a list of all the foods you have in your house, then you sit down with that list and make a second list of everything you can make with what you already have. Next you make a list from those two lists on what you need. This really helps keep the price of groceries down and helps plan out the week, month which ever it is you are planning.  

 I have attached my first grocery haul of $250 dollars for the month. Make sure you go check it out and let me know what you think :)


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