Thursday, December 24, 2020

Forgot the meaning of Christmas

 Hey everyone, 

Happy Christmas Eve !!! It's hard to believe that 2020 is just about over and Christmas is literally at our door! with the big guy coming to the kids tonight and families are gathering and sharing baked goods, there are others who are struggling that lots of us forget about and then there are those who have forgotten about what Christmas is about. 

It's crazy as we grow up from kids who can't wait for Santa to come we start to regret the day Christmas comes even though it may have been one of the best holidays growing up but now you have people who expect gifts and some of those people won't accept cheap gifts or anything handmade, it has become a very greedy holiday for some and for those of us who are sitting on the other end are just shaking our heads!

Christmas should be a happy time to be with family even though this year with covid some of us are missing those from our home and well for my family we have had an unfortunate passing so things are not as happy as they usually are but we are doing our best to keep our traditions going, with covid this year there are also people out there who are wondering how they are going to pull it all together for their family and children and so having that one person who is expecting the absolute best is more of a stressor then it is a celebration! 

this year more then ever people need to remember what Christmas is all about and stop worrying about the amount of money we spend and how many gifts we give, make handmade cards or gifts, bake a loaf of bread or cookies or anything, go visit a family member ( in places you can) or facetime!! let people know you are thinking of them and make them feel special it's not about the cost behind it but the thought that counts right! 

And I'm not getting into the whole religion part of Christmas because I know some people don't believe in it and others do but whatever your background, thoughts, just make sure that you are doing what's best for you and your family and if someone has forgotten the meaning then maybe it's best they have a wake-up call.


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