Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas 2020

 Hey everyone, 

I hope you have all had a great day and a wonderful Christmas this year.

I know this year covid has given us all a curveball and some of us are not able to be with family and loved ones but I hope you all found a way to be together in the end rather it be threw a phone call or face time! I know for me being away from my children today was very hard for me but being able to face time with one of them made it a bit easier for me to still see his silly smile. 

Tomorrow is more my Christmas day than today as the kids are going to be home tomorrow and we will be opening up everything as we should have done today but all that matters is getting my babies home. So regardless of how you're spending your Christmas, I hope you took the time to enjoy it!

Now if you watched my youtube video " Christmas eve clean with me," you would know that I recently re-did my son's room and that they were staying with there dads because hey lost their grandmother just days before Christmas and I felt it was important for them to be with their other siblings so this year although on paper was my year I decided to bend the rules and let them be with them to help them try and enjoy this years Christmas as covid has taken a lot from them.

Now that my Christmas dinner is finished and turkey coma has passed its time for me to stop procrastinating and go get this house cleaned back up and ready for my munchkins for tomorrow so again I hope you all had a wonderful day and hopefully it continues into tonight! 

Merry Christmas from my family to yours :)

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