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Covid update: schools, Christmas, etc!

 Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog!

for those of you who have been keeping an eye out for my posts, I want to say a big Thank you for all your support!

So as I mentioned about a week ago, I have been swamped and extremely busy between my own school work and keeping up with my kids and the household things that need to be done every day, I have had very little time to actually sit down and talk to you guys about anything. I know that I have a few things planned that have to be filmed and those will hopefully be coming soon and I think some of them may actually help some of you with Christmas and dealing with this new normal thanks to covid.

So to start off today I want to let you know that at this time we're in it's ok to feel overwhelmed and scattered because things in life keep changing and everything is very unpredictable. I know some of you have decided to home school your children, some have tried to send them back, and some are saying that can skip a year and catch up later... no matter what you chose I want you to know that you are amazing just for the fact that you made that hard call not knowing what was going to happen next. Now I know some of you are in places where the second wave has already hit and for myself and my area we are just starting to climb and as of this morning we have 44 cases, which compared to some may not seem like a lot but for the small area, we live in we are considering closing things down again.

Now I have to say this one thing... I'm so beyond proud of my children and well most children, to be honest about how they are reacting to all the change. I know that they don't fully understand what we are all going crazy over a virus and my kids call it the flu which in that case they are still correct it is a virus but they don't understand fully why this one is more to panic over than others, so I'm happy to say that my children have not had much change in their life, other than having to wear a mask on the bus, and social distance themselves, nothing changed in regards to shopping with them because they always stayed home when we went shopping, and they still have their playdates as the family that lives up the road was our first family we let into our bubble for the purpose of the kids still being socially active.

 Now on the topic of social interaction, I myself have also gone back to school for nursing and although most of my classes are online my labs are in class which means I actually get out of the house to see people in person. now when it comes to class we have been split into two groups because we are only allowed a small group of people in the labs due to covid restrictions and we have to keep our masks on which is kind of annoying but going into nursing its something I will need to get used to. The only downfall of wearing a mask all day long is that my skin is breaking out like crazy so I will be doing a review on a product that my friend sells ill make sure I leave a link when I do the review but until then keep an eye out for my skincare routine covid edition!

Ok, so the next and last thing I want to talk about for today is...Christmas 2020...covid style! So I know that a lot of places are not letting you shop inside the store for things that are non-essential and where I'm living at we can still order these non-essentials online and for curbside pick up now the only downfall about this is the timeline and the available appointments can be fair apart and with Christmas coming up this is going to cause an issue, but for those who have thought about or have used amazon we have a lead on the Christmas issues, I personally myself have been lucky enough to have my income not affected by covid and we were able to order most things off amazon for Christmas and the only thing we have left to get is our tree because my hubby wants a real tree this year, so if you are looking for a way to get some Christmas gifts I would highly recommend shopping off amazon as they are pretty organized and I normally get my items either on time or early which is always great! 

So with that said I'm going to end today's blog there but keep an eye out for my covid skincare and blog uploads, as well as some youtube videos being uploaded soon! Stay safe everyone!


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