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 Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! So today is a little better then the last few days but I'm still far from better! For those who do not follow me on YouTube, the last few feels I have been fighting with a chest infection ( yes I was tested and do not worry it was is not covid!) anyway I slowly started to get better and then out of no where my kids got sick after me trying so hard to keep it out of the house. Now the kids were only sick for a day and a half and was nothing crazy just some stuffy noses so then about 3 days ago i noticed my nose was stuffy again and my throat was getting sore! I did everything I could to try and boost my immune system where as I had just gone threw so much illness the last few weeks.   However this did not work and yesterday I had completely lost my voice! It was so hard to parent two small children who are very on the go and lever look at you! so I had to call in for back up and thank goodness my hubby was home to help. it was a l

Missing Footage! And Starting A Vlog Series?

 Hello everyone, welcome back for another one of my blog posts, for those of you who are new, Welcome and thank you for joining :)  So for todays post Can  just start off by saying that Im glad fall is finally here but um.... why is it soo cold! like usually its just perfect its warm but a little breeze but it is now noon time where Im at and im frozen!! well it may just be because Im coming down with a cold but still why is my house so cold?    Anyway in to todays post.  I noticed as I was editing my Sundays get it all done series that I somehow lost the other half of my cleaning.... like How does this even happen! I was so upset because I really wanted to have everything done and ready as I record a week early so that I have time to edit and make changes etc as needed but today I noticed half my footage as gone, so Im supper bummed out about that but as any actor will tell you ...the show must go on lol so I uploaded it for show tomorrow but im still not very happy about it so im hop

Starting To Look More Official! YAY

 Hello everyone,  Welcome back to my site. As you have noticed, the website has been going threw a lot of changes and for those of you who follow me on YouTube you will notice that I have uploaded some homepage videos so now my YouTube channel is starting to look a little more official so im pretty happy about that. so Yeah , make sure if you have not done so already make sure you go check it out and the same with my Instagram :) Hope to see you all join in on my social media family :) YouTube Instagram

Life Is CRAZY!

 Hey everyone, welcome to my blog site if you are new, and welcome back if you have stuck around for the next post. I just want to start off by saying that sometime this week my dominion name is going to have to be renewed and I'm not sure if I will do this right away as I am contemplating on a name change for the site. Make sure you leave a comment below if you think I should pick something a little more suitable for the website as it continues to grow or if I should leave it as is. Anyway into todays post! Yall know if you have been following me that my posts have been far and few in between and never really consistent with a lot of dead lines not being kept or even met for that matter, and a lot of that has to do with poor time management skills and well the way 2020 has turned out has not helped with this matter any. So with running a family in this craziness we currently have going on and having to explain to my children everything that I wish I didn't have to examples are

Back To School Haul, Life update

 Hey everyone,  I know its been a while since I posted but I have finally uploaded our 2020 back to school haul for the kids on my youtube channel. So if your interested you can go check that out. I know it was posted about a week late but i guess its better late then never :)  So this week had had lots of challenges and lots of changes for everyone and more so for the children where as they went back to school. we had been having an issue with my youngest daughter who is having a lot of anxiety about getting on the bus but we will get there eventually :) Now with that being said We have some interesting news that we will be sharing soon and i cant wait to tell you guys all about it but until then please checking in :) will post again soon.