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Back To School? Are You Sending Your Child/Children Back?

Hello everyone,  I know its been abut a month since my last post and I have been changing up the website just a bit but I wanted to touch base on what's going on and give you all a little update on our little family. So to start since the last post we have decided we are going to send our children back to school this year and for us this means the kids are going back in a week and a half from now. Our children are excited to have some form of "back to normal" as they can go back on the school bus and at least see their friends. I know that they may have some hard days where they have to get used to not touching and sharing things but at least they get to see people and places with their own eyes and not over a screen! So we have come to this agreement on one condition.... testing the waters!  As things are changing and here in Nova Scotia our cases of covid are in the single digits and our children understand that they need masks and to distance themselves from others in