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1 Week Post Surgery!

Hey everyone, I hope you have all had a good couple of weeks and I hope that your weekend is going great. I know the last post I had let you all know that I was getting ready for my surgery and that there was a lot to get ready due to the week of my surgery was the kids march break, or as some people know it as spring break, Its been a rough week this last week healing from surgery has been hard, its not what I was expecting at all, As most of you know I have been having a lot of medical issues and had gone in for a hysterectomy, I was told it would be a full one but as it turned out and I was not told any different until 48 hours after the fact when I started asking about why I was not getting hormones,... they did not have to take my ovaries! which all in all I was happy about because only being 27 I was not ready for menopause just yet, so 48 hours after my surgery I was sent home and the pain really hit after I was home, and before anyone asks no I did not do anything I was n

Surgery Date?

Hey everyone, Hope everyone had a good day yesterday, I know myself I had a pretty rough night at work but still here going strong <3 So this morning I got a very long awaited phone call from my doctor letting me know that they had finally gotten a date for my surgery, the bad part is that its very short timing, and I go in next Friday!! So with having 3 kids and a boyfriend that works full time, this week will be crunch week to get myself and the house hold ready for my surgery as the kids will have to get used to me being away for a few days and then when I come back not being able to do much of anything I need to know that somethings will still be able to be done such as easy meals (which I am planning on slow cooker meals for the next 2 weeks) and part from those slow cooker meals I need prep meals and easy snacks for the kids. Now I will still receive my good food subscription which I'm sure my boyfriend can figure it out the first couple of days as I will be completel