Sunday, June 3, 2018

Life Update

Hey everyone I know I said I would start posting every second day and well its been about a week since my last post. For those of you who are new, I have had a pretty hard time in the past and trying to get on my feet and pull myself back together.
Now as some of you already know I moved away and im in a new relationship and I must say I am very happy on where that part of my life is right now.
As for the rest of it I have gotten even more bad news from drs and am currently struggling on the inside with how to cope with this new information and once I have a grasp on things I will let you all in on whats going on but for now I ask that you just bare with me as I go threw this stage.

Starting tomorrow I am going to aim at doing at least one YouTube video rather it be for this site or my other site, This will help keep me busy and on the go while I try to figure out whats going on health wise,

If there is anything you need to ask or anything you want to see on the blog or YouTube channel just email me  at and let me know your thoughts and ideas and I will try my best to incorporate them.

Thanks for all your support this far and dont forget if you haven't already to subscribe to both my blog and my YouTube channel <3

Software Failure

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