Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Next Level.

Hey everyone,
I hope your day was a great one and treated you as well as mine did.

Today I wanted to do a little Throw Back Thursday part of our January's Boss Babe Series.
With that being said, do you remember the early years of high school/middle school when kids were sorted by groups and cliques?Do you remember how some people where just "on the next level"?

well im here to say that really hasn't changed much, yes we grew up and the term changed just a little bit but in all reality its still there.

What I mean is that you can have your friends shoot your ideas down, or random people at work or just about any where you go, but if you remember that one simple rule.... there not on your level starts to make sense.

your ideas are not on the same level as theirs, they are one step behind you, let them catch up a little bit, dont get discouraged because you cant see eye to eye on a topic at work or an idea of something you want, your level is yours only and although they may have a similar one, always remember they are not on your level... so forget what they say and keep your head high.

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