Monday, January 15, 2018

Are You Just Bossy? Or The Boss?

Hello everyone,
I hope that you all day a good day yesterday and are ready to face the new week with a positive attitude.

I figured today I would talk but attitudes and ego's. We all know that we have them but how we use them is all together another thing.
Do you remember ever being told that you were bossy, sassy or full of yourself...
Now with that being in your head I bet most of them where from when you were younger, But for some of us it stayed with us. We became bossy adults, sassy spouses, or just plane full of it.
We set our minds to something and let our ego take over for the most part.

Now I want you to think about the last time anyone has said either of those things to you as an adult...
Now at that point in time I want you to think to your self.... Was I really being bossy? Did I have the right to be bossy, was I in charge of what was going on?, was I giving my attitude in a negative way or in a way to make things better? Finally I want you to think if you thought it was right for your ego, or for everyone?

Now if you didn't have the right to take control over something, if you used your ego to send out negativity then you are just plane bossy! You need to learn to control yourself so that you can achieve the things that you want in life because lets face it, no one, I mean NO ONE wants to help someone with their head up there butt...

If you had control and were the boss, if you use your attitude to make things better for everyone and put the ego to good work, then honey keep slaying it!

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