Friday, January 12, 2018

A Dream, Or A Wish?

Good Morning everyone,
I hope you all have an amazing Friday today and I hope it treats you well.

This week I've done a post every day, rather I really felt like it or not because I feel like it makes me part of a whole other community. I cant even begin to tell you how great it feels to know that so many of you (from literally all over the world) are keeping up with my blog. So I just wanted to say thank you for all your support!

As most of you know this month is being focused on the Boss Babe Series, and today I wanted to talk to you about weather or not your dream is actually a dream.... or if it may actually be just a wish.

A lot of both men and woman say there first main big dream is to loose weight for example...
But really unless you have that will power and ambition to get it done, stick to things and achieve it, its nothing more to you then purely a wish.

For another example, you may say you want to build your own coffee shop, have a tiny little thing on the corner or a good street. BUT, if this is not what you wake up every morning trying to achieve and setting goals and getting things done to bring you closer to that dream, if you have no real ambition to reach that dream.... it is nothing more then another wish...

You need to have ambition and dedication, motivation and a real sense of drive if you want to get things done in life.  A lot of people simply give up not because they cant find the money to make it work, its because they loose sight on that ambition, their creative drive to get it done, there is always a way around things no matter how bad they may feel at the moment.

No matter what life hands your way, dont give up on your goals and dreams, dont start making wishes, and dont loose that ambition to do better! 

I want all of you following this post to tell the world what gives you motivation and that drive every day to be a Goal Digger.  #BossBabeAmbition  on both twitter and Instagram.

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