Saturday, January 20, 2018

Extra mile!

Hello everyone,
I hope your weekend is going as good as mine :)

Today I wanted to talk to you about going beyond the expectations of others,
Now you have heard me say it plenty of times during our boss babe series about how we life each other up not tear each other down, and Yes I will probably continue to say this but here is a little kick to our already over said term....I dont want you to just lightly lift each other up, I want you to go the extra mile to help someone, it could be that homeless person on the street that everyone says will only buy drugs, well take him to get some food then... I want you as a person to have that amazing feeling of lifting someones spirit so much that it makes them happy.. it could be a day or for a week it doesn't matter as long as you put that little bit extra into helping them. Now lets say you dont have lots of money and you yourself are struggling... you can afford to help that homeless person buy buying him food, I want you to think and go that extra mile to see what you can do to help him. If it was you on the other side what would you be wanting? comfort? warmth? even if you take them a non-fancy peanut butter sandwich I bet you they would be happy!

Everyone else is just giving small change and hatred looks, be the one that passes everyone and goes that extra mile to make someones day!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Mama Hustle!

Hey everyone,
So we finally made it to Friday and were all still in one piece.
For those of you who have plans this weekend please remember to be safe!

So today I want to talk something a little more towards the moms that visit my blog, the ones this site was originally started for, if your a mom to be, or a mom of 5 this post is for you.

Now if your a mommy to be you know you have a lot ahead of you, planning the nursery, making sure you have everything your little one needs...etc, there is already a lot you need to hustle for. But you also need time for yourself, Don't let go of all your dreams and goals because you have a baby. If its something that you physically cant achieve right this second make a plan to get back on it once you can, have everything you want lined up so u can hustle like crazy when you get the chance.

Now for those of us with children rather it be 1 or 5 there is a specific mama hustle for us to, depending on the ages you may just  have a baby that doesn't move much or maybe you have kids in school or maybe even both! you need to find out how you need to get all the things on your goal list done. We as parents need to teach our kids that even though we are moms we still have hustle, its just a little different, we have MAMA HUSTLE!  we hustle our butts off to make sure our family's are taken care of and lets be honest most times we dont hustle for anything that WE really want, and this is why im here to remind you as a parent of 3 that often has 7(babysitting etc) you still need to hustle for the things your want in life, I know I dont want to look back when my children are all grown and out on there own and be like ...well I should have dont this or I should have done that.... teach your children you are a super mom , teach them that they can be super.... people have been telling children for years "if you put your mind to it you can do it" so since when did that saying become nothing to us adults.... go for it! show everyone your MAMA HUSTLE!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

They Call Us Dreamers

Hello everyone
I hope everyone is enjoying there week so far, Here in Nova Scotia we have had a lot of snow the last 2 days so we've have all kinds of fun with the kiddos out in the snow, I hope all of you are still making the time to make some memories with your family while chasing your goals weather it be in the snow, sun or rain depending on where you are.

No for those of you following my blog you know this, but for those of you just tuning in January is our Boss Babe series, its focused on being happy and finding ourselfs and going after those goals and dreams we have been having. For all of you how have been following me on social media thank you so much for your support. For those of you who are new you can find me on;
Instagram at rmziee
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Now on to today's post...
 All of us have our dreams, goals and lists of things we want to accomplish in life. Some of us dwell on them leaving them as only dreams and hopes, some of us try and reach those goals and soon decide to give up and once again they become dreams.Then there is the rest of us, who chaise them down and do everything in our power to achieve what we aim for. But why is it that while the rest of people are sitting there "dreaming" we are out making our dreams come true and yet we are labelled as "The Dreamers"

The reason behind this is simple, people who want things but dont know how to get them think we are all delusional, they think we along side of them will soon just be sitting on your dreams instead of chasing them, they hope that we fail and cant reach them so that they have company but in reality, they are dreamers and we never sleep... we have no time for dreaming because we are busy becoming the boss babes we know we are.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

No Rain...No flowers

Hey everyone,
Hope your day has been treating you well,

Today I wanted to talk to you about chasing your dreams a little bit more in detail. Standing from a new perspective.

We all know that going after our dreams is a little more harder then we all would like them to be, and we have heard all the sayings regardless of what dream your chasing wither it be fitness related, life related in general or even career wise. You have most likely heard the " No Pain , No Gain " while trying to get into shape, Now I want you to see it from another angle....If there is no rain, There is no flowers....In Such it is true, And its the same in life, without those crappy dark days that drag you down make you feel gross, you would not come out stronger the next day!

So no matter what your day, week or month throws at you I just want you to keep this little saying in the back of your head... Without the rain there would be no flowers. 

On a separate note I would just like to add that for those of you who have been following me on here as well as YouTube I have a new video uploaded which you can find at the link below.
Thanks again for all your support 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Don't Settle.

Hey everyone
I hope you all had an amazing day yesterday and really thought about that I had said about the difference between being bossy and being the boss.

For those of you just following now, January is Boss Babe Series and I am honestly grateful for the support I have gotten thus far. So please dont forget to subscribe and on another note, If you are coming from my YouTube channel thank you for checking it out. For those of you stumbling across my site check out my YouTube channel, A new video will be going up later tonight so make sure you watch for it :)

So on to today's post,
We have all heard the saying dont settle for anything less then your worth.
Well im here to say that it doesn't just go for your love life or anything like that it goes for all aspects of your life. Your love life yes i understand dont settle because your bored, and its the same with your education, Don't settle with something that wont make you happy , push for what you want in life. And its the same thing for your career and lifestyle, dont settle with something because your told you need to... I want you to push that wall down and climb over it! dont settle for less then your worth

Monday, January 15, 2018

Are You Just Bossy? Or The Boss?

Hello everyone,
I hope that you all day a good day yesterday and are ready to face the new week with a positive attitude.

I figured today I would talk but attitudes and ego's. We all know that we have them but how we use them is all together another thing.
Do you remember ever being told that you were bossy, sassy or full of yourself...
Now with that being in your head I bet most of them where from when you were younger, But for some of us it stayed with us. We became bossy adults, sassy spouses, or just plane full of it.
We set our minds to something and let our ego take over for the most part.

Now I want you to think about the last time anyone has said either of those things to you as an adult...
Now at that point in time I want you to think to your self.... Was I really being bossy? Did I have the right to be bossy, was I in charge of what was going on?, was I giving my attitude in a negative way or in a way to make things better? Finally I want you to think if you thought it was right for your ego, or for everyone?

Now if you didn't have the right to take control over something, if you used your ego to send out negativity then you are just plane bossy! You need to learn to control yourself so that you can achieve the things that you want in life because lets face it, no one, I mean NO ONE wants to help someone with their head up there butt...

If you had control and were the boss, if you use your attitude to make things better for everyone and put the ego to good work, then honey keep slaying it!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Building An Empire

Hey everyone,
Hope your weekend has been full of excitement and filled with family and friends.

To those of you who are just finding this blog, The month of January we are doing a Boss Babe Series. Filled with tips and tricks and just plan advice on how to build your self and your business up and better.

We have talked about everything from dreams, wishes, fears, building each other up and tearing each other down. We have gone over the whole transformation from girls to woman and the haters.

Today we are gonna talk about building that empire. We all have those friends who are so busy with work that we feel left out, or maybe your the one that is always busy.No time for fun and games? But, im here to say that is not the case.... Building your empire to the people who are doing it, is fun... May not be as many games but it still feels good knowing your getting it done.

I want you to just remember that while your building your empire, you may take breaks and find your friends are doing the same thing so just remember that you may be taking a break to have some fun and getting a new perspective, but shes still building her empire... support her, help her build it up, dont make her stop because you took a break from your goals.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Rise By Lifting.

Good morning everyone!
I hope you are all waking up today in a good mood like I am.

Today I want to talk to you about a way that will make you feel better yourself and leave you in a better mood overall.
You have all heard the saying "treat others as you like to be treated", well it makes sense.
If you help lift others mood by helping them, complimenting them, anything that will help them in return will feel happier and leave your self in a better mood as well.

Not only will you make the other person/people feel better for the day and your self better, it makes you a stronger person. What I mean by this, is that people will start to see a better side of you, your kindness turns into strength.

Just keep it in the back of your mind, that if you want a quick rise, you just need to help lift others, make them feel good. We rise when we lift others. :)

Friday, January 12, 2018

A Dream, Or A Wish?

Good Morning everyone,
I hope you all have an amazing Friday today and I hope it treats you well.

This week I've done a post every day, rather I really felt like it or not because I feel like it makes me part of a whole other community. I cant even begin to tell you how great it feels to know that so many of you (from literally all over the world) are keeping up with my blog. So I just wanted to say thank you for all your support!

As most of you know this month is being focused on the Boss Babe Series, and today I wanted to talk to you about weather or not your dream is actually a dream.... or if it may actually be just a wish.

A lot of both men and woman say there first main big dream is to loose weight for example...
But really unless you have that will power and ambition to get it done, stick to things and achieve it, its nothing more to you then purely a wish.

For another example, you may say you want to build your own coffee shop, have a tiny little thing on the corner or a good street. BUT, if this is not what you wake up every morning trying to achieve and setting goals and getting things done to bring you closer to that dream, if you have no real ambition to reach that dream.... it is nothing more then another wish...

You need to have ambition and dedication, motivation and a real sense of drive if you want to get things done in life.  A lot of people simply give up not because they cant find the money to make it work, its because they loose sight on that ambition, their creative drive to get it done, there is always a way around things no matter how bad they may feel at the moment.

No matter what life hands your way, dont give up on your goals and dreams, dont start making wishes, and dont loose that ambition to do better! 

I want all of you following this post to tell the world what gives you motivation and that drive every day to be a Goal Digger.  #BossBabeAmbition  on both twitter and Instagram.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Next Level.

Hey everyone,
I hope your day was a great one and treated you as well as mine did.

Today I wanted to do a little Throw Back Thursday part of our January's Boss Babe Series.
With that being said, do you remember the early years of high school/middle school when kids were sorted by groups and cliques?Do you remember how some people where just "on the next level"?

well im here to say that really hasn't changed much, yes we grew up and the term changed just a little bit but in all reality its still there.

What I mean is that you can have your friends shoot your ideas down, or random people at work or just about any where you go, but if you remember that one simple rule.... there not on your level starts to make sense.

your ideas are not on the same level as theirs, they are one step behind you, let them catch up a little bit, dont get discouraged because you cant see eye to eye on a topic at work or an idea of something you want, your level is yours only and although they may have a similar one, always remember they are not on your level... so forget what they say and keep your head high.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Boss Up Boss Babe

Hey everyone,
I hope your week is going good so far, and if not look on the bright side its halfway over today :)

Today I wanted to talk about something a lot of us woman do now a days and that's gossip!
I know a lot of you are about to say "I dont gossip" but be honest with may not do it much but you still gossip about at least one thing or person.

Now im only 26 years old and i can honestly say most women my age are just starting to settle down , most of them are still into going out on weekends and talking about each other and having no real responsibilities. Now there are a few of us who have past that stage of your lifes, we have children and family's and are chasing our career paths.

I want you to find out where you are... are you ready to become a boss babe , or are you still in your clubbing babe stage??  Are you our having drinks while We work? are you talking about someone while we are busy being the boss?

Its apart of growing up and maturing.... you will settle down into a routine and stop talking about people and stupid things, you will just want to get your things done and live for your self and your family.

If your ready to Boss up babe, I wanna see your #IBossUp on Instagram and twitter :) let me know your ready for the next step :)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bricks They Throw...

Hello everyone,
Hope you day is treating you well today ,

So to continue into our January series:Boss Babe. I wanted to just say I an grateful for the support you all continue to show me :) which just goes hand in hand with building each other up.

so for today's topic I wanted to talk about something that kind of goes with the " shout out to your haters post" from a few days ago, And that is that with all of those who try and bring you down they each in their own way throw bricks at you. either it be verbal, or emotional. they try their hardest to get you to fail, but what I want you realize is that just like all things you need building blocks and why not use those blocks they throw to stand on so you can reach higher.

Yes it may hurt when its thrown at you, but make sure you get up and use what they give you, make them regret throwing those bricks and trying to beat you down.

Just remember to STAND TALL, because all of you deserve to!

Monday, January 8, 2018

A Year From Now?

Hello everyone,
I hope your Monday morning is treating you all good.

Today I wanted to talk about something a little more goal based. And that's how far ahead you should set your goals for.
When you think of goal setting most people do daily goals, weekly goals and even monthly goals, but how many of you do year long goals?

Now you may think a year is to far of a stretch for a goal and that if you do so you will never reach it. but have you tried? I want you so close your eyes for a minute and think about where you will see your self in exactly a year from today? Whats different? is there anything you want to change about what you see? maybe you see yourself in a different career, or a new town?

I want all of you who are doing this Boss Babe series with me this month to really take a minute and figure our what your year long goal is and either #BossBabe on twitter, or Instagram and let us know what your goals are.

Remember it may feel like its a while away and think its to long of a wait for a goal, but really you can achieve them before the year is up as long as next year when you look back your not exactly where you are today. take charge of your a BOSS.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Women Inspire.

Hello everyone,
I hope your weekend was full of excitement and amazement.

For those of you who dont know, For the month of January I am doing a Boss Babe Series, determined to help all other woman with or without children reach there own achievements whatever they may be.

Today's blog is about the difference between setting goals when you were a child and being a grown woman and achieving those goals.

Now when you were younger and you started planning the way you wanted your future to pan out most of you were probably still a little childish, talking down on other peoples ideas of the future and knocking them off to see who could reach there goal first. You, yourself probably had a few people do it to you, if they did... im glad you choose to keep trying. for those of you who let go of everything, you should have held on a little tighter to those things you wanted in life.

Now that your an adult, a woman and maybe your a mom to be or you already have children, ether way you have some what planned out where you wanted to be in life.
Now here is where you see the difference, your not that girl anymore, your a woman and women build each other up, they strengthen each other, they help each other reach for the goals.

So as you go threw your list of things you want to achieve, just remember your a woman now, embrace it with those around you. let your friends build you up.

when you think back to all the times you have been knocked down and think of keeping your ideas and goals to yourself, just remember real women INSPIRE.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Do it scared!

Good morning everyone,
I hope your Friday night treated you good :) I know mine did.

For those of you who are new to my blog the month of January im doing a Boss Babe Series.
For those of you who have been following me, make sure to subscribe so you get notified as soon as a post goes up.

So, for today's post I wanted to talk a little about fears. Everyone has a fear of something and we all know it. now im not talking about your fear of spiders or things like that. Im taking about your fear of failing, having people laugh at your ideas and that sort of thing.

In order to be completely happy and succeed in places you want, you need to knock that fear of yours down. I want you to feed off the fear instead of run from it. The feeling you will get once you have torn it down will be amazing, and if you cant get over the fear, well there's really only one thing to do... DO IT SCARED.... go for it anyway, take that next leap.

I dont want fear to stop you from achieving what you dream of. Look fear in the face and make it afraid of you!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Life Not Adding Up?

Hey everyone I hope your first week of 2018 has been a good one!
today's post i wanted to talk to you about what to do when you have done everything u can think of to make this your year but it doesn't seem to be working our the way you planned.

Now normally when people make goals or lists of things they want to accomplish it normally means better educating your self or gaining things but what happens when you do everything you think you need to do, you've gone and graduated from all the courses you thought you needed, you managed to get your life back on track (for the most part) but now your sitting there and everything you've wanted is just out of reach and you dont understand whats holding you back.

Now all you really need is a new prospective. take a step back and instead of adding all the new things you have accomplished,  look for the things you have over looked, and by this I mean all the negative things in your life dragging you back the other way. what ever it is you need to find a way to subtract it from your life. yes some of these things may be hard to let go of, but poison egos, and negative energy will not help you get to that final step of happiness.

So with all that being said I hope when you get to that last step of achieving your happiness, and you cant understand why its not adding up right, just take a step back and remember, its time to subtract.

Hope you all have a great start to the first weekend of 2018!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Storm Day Prep & Shout Out to Your Haters

Hey everyone,
I hope the week so far has been good to you.

Today I have a few things I want to talk to you about.
The first thing is Storm Days, It is winter time and here where I live we get lots of snow and yes although it can be beautiful if can also be dangerous. So I wanted to talk to you about being prepaid for these storms. I know a lot of people just kind of shrug it off thinking ill be find we dont need anything, But in all reality who is to say that something horrible could not happen.

You could loose power for days or maybe it might not bother you at all, You could be trapped at home for a few days or not at all. The thing with mother nature is that you never know.

So please if you know there is a storm coming and you have a weather warning for your area, please be ready for anything, especially if you have children. stock up on juice packs that dont have to me refrigerated, pick out some canned foods that dont need to be cooked like tuna, etc things that are easy to eat without having to use a microwave or stove etc. make sure you have your candles and flashlights anything that you might need for bad situations so that when something does happen you are fully ready for it and not becoming a sitting duck.

On with the rest of the post.

As some of you know I am doing a January Boss Babe Series to help those of you who need a little push with getting there lives together and making the most of it. so with that being said today we are going to focus on shouting out to our haters.

It doesn't matter who you are in life you will always have those people who are going to try and bring you down, the people who dont like you , those who are jealous of you...etc, We all have them.

My advice for you is to shout out to them, make sure they know your not going to chance to make them happy because your being you and achieving happiness yourself.
Your haters make you stronger so embrace them, dont get offended or scared... love them because without haters who do you have to prove wrong? right?

So if you only do one thing today, make sure to give love to your will drive them crazy :)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Boss Babe Series...Build and Profit

Hey everyone,
I hope your day yesterday was amazing and full of love and positive vibes. :)

So today is day 3 of our January Boss Babe Series and today I wanna talk about building up to make your profit. I know a lot of people are thinking its pretty basic but there is more to it then just having an idea to make money and going for it and having an idea and making that idea fool proof.

So lets say your big dream is to own a little cafe shop on a corner somewhere, so you think OK i got this, you start looking into shop spaces and thinking of titles, next you start looking for mortgages and insurance. finally you start thinking about things u need like behind that counter or hey even the counter for that matter, and even the people you want to hire to be there with you.

So you think you have it all done and try to open up your business but you have actually forgot quite a bit, like researching, insurances, permits, etc...Mind you that you weren't completely off.

Now when I say research I dont mean hours surfing the net on ways to make your business work,
I actually mean do your research on the type of company you want to run. You may want a cafe because your good at making coffee and little snacks but really have you looked into what all goes on in a cafe?

I want to make sure you build a very sound, structured foundation to build on and not just the ideas and dreams you have for your self.

Once you build that foundation you will be ready to profit and make it on your own.
Don't focus on the profit before you build your foundation because if you do, you wont be able to build your empire.

Hope you all have a great day <3

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hustle Sold Separate.

Hey everyone, hope you day yesterday was amazing. :)

So in case you you didn't see the post yesterday, this month we are doing a Boss Babe Series.
Every day this month there will be a a daily boss babe tip to help guide you on your way to happiness, success and love for your self.

Today's Boss Babe tip;
You all have this amazing dream on what you want your life to look like. Maybe its something simple like having a family in an older farm house, having a good job. Maybe you dont have anything crazy in mind and that's OK,
Some of you how ever have that big dream where you own this huge house and have your own business with other people doing the work for you. Now for both of these your dreams are free to you, you can change them up and it would never cost you a dime. But however, achieving these dreams is totally the opposite. If you want that big farm house in the middle of no where you will need to hustle to get one. if not you will end up settling for something small and not in the location you want. Now im not saying you need to be picky right away but if you want something big like your own company you will need to hustle your a** off.
Make a list of things you want to accomplish (make a list of your dreams?) and figure out what steps you need to make in order to get them) and then go for it.

So with all that being said, I want to see how you all hustle. take a photo of you working your but off to reach your goal and post it on Instagram with the #BossBabeHustle.   Looking forward to seeing them all. :) 
Have an amazing day!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Years...Boss Babe

Hello everyone
Just want to wish you all a Happy New Years, and I hope you had an amazing last day in 2017 and are ready to embrace 2018 with nothing but happiness and love.

Now some of you may already know how to maintain your life, stay positive and happy and etc. This post is for the rest of you, the ones that had a bad year and are looking for inspiration to build yourself up.

welcome to January's Boss Babe Series.

My first tip you amazing lady's is to just go for it. Anything that you've wanted to try and do or anything that you wanted to have my advice to you is to just go for it.. you will never get those things that you want or and you will never know what your truly capable of if you dont just take that first big leap. yes you may fail at somethings but that is what life is about.. learning what you can and cannot do.

I really want you all to take that one leap you've been meaning to take and share it with the world. so comment below and tell us what your boss babe leap will be :) 

Software Failure

 Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great week so far! So as you can tell by the title of today's blog and as you can probably ...